Verifiers FAQs

What information do you provide?

We provide two levels of verification:

  • Basic verification, which includes an employee's name, job title, dates of employment, and current status (active or separated)

  • Complete verification, which includes an employee's name, job title, dates of employment, current status (active or separated), and payroll data (including pay frequency, gross earnings for the year to date and the past 2 years). This level requires a Salary Key that is provided by the employee.

We do not provide the verifications for the following types of requests. These must be handled by the employer.

  • Subpoenas or summons to appear in court.
  • Garnishment of wage inquiries or notifications to discontinue garnishment of wages.
  • Verification requests for law enforcement agencies (Criminal or Civil).
  • Verification requests for Lost Wages purposes.
  • Verification requests for temporary, contract or Medical Staff employees that are not paid by in-house payroll.
  • Immigration letters, i.e. sponsorship documentation to prove that an employee is gainfully employed.
  • Verification requests for those whose data was not originally provided to us (such as those terminated before the data periods provided or those working for a merged organization whose data has not been integrated).
  • Confirm validity of paycheck stubs and W2 forms.
  • Confirm insurance coverage.
  • Verify employment requests for the Department of Transportation, i.e. checking for DUIs and auto accidents for driver positions.

Do I need to register to use this service?

Yes. You must register as a verifier to use our system. First-time registrants will undergo an approval process prior to you being able to access the system.

How much do verifications cost?

Prices vary between the mode of information access as well as the type of report being requested. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

How do I get a Salary Key?

The Salary Key represents an individual's approval for you to access his or her income information; it is provided to you by the employee.


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